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Who we are

UWC depends on the dedication and expertise of volunteers to promote UWC ideals and select future students. These volunteers form National Committees and operate in 150+ countries worldwide.

UWC Iraq National Committe is a newly formed committee that is dedicated to increase the impact of UWC in Iraq. UWC Iraq team is working towards selecting, supporting and motivating intelligent Iraqi students in their UWC journey. The team believe that Iraq's future resurgence depends on talented, well-educated and humane youth leaders who have gained education in diverse educational enviornments such as UWC. 

At present, we are six individuals highly committed to selecting and supporting motivated and intelligent Iraqi students in their endeavor to join UWC's schools all over the world. The National Committee include Iraqi scholars and UWC alumni from both Iraq, and Italy.

We are doing this because we believe that Iraq’s future resurgence depends on well-educated, talented and humane youth leaders who have gained experience in living together in diverse educational environments prizing independent thinking, civic responsibility and a moral vision of the world.  Some of us are UWC alumni, some are not but we have all dedicated ourselves to making Iraqi lives better, whether through educational, charitable or non-governmental organizations.