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Am I eligible to apply? 

Information about eligibility is available here. 

If I don’t get accepted can I reapply next year? 

Absolutely! However, keep in mind that there is an age limit on applicants – which can be found here

Is there financial aid/ scholarships available?

Yes, almost all Iraqi students receive full 100% scholarships when they attend UWC. Students are selected regardless of their parent's ability to pay the fees. 

What do scholarships cover?

They cover tuition fees, accomodation, food and books. Scholarships do not normally include the cost of transport to the school, the cost of visas, health insurance or pocket money, which parents are expected to cover. In special circumstances, the school or the selection committee will be able to pay for personal expenses. All students, regardless of their parents' ability to pay, are therefore encouraged to apply. 

What are the age requirements to apply through UWC Iraq National Committee?

Follow the table below for answer





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